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Improve the presentation of your apparel through outsourced ghost mannequin editing services, avoiding the hassle of doing it yourself.

Removing mannequins from the scene is more challenging than it seems

Removing mannequins from the scene is more challenging than it seems

Converting online visitors into customers is a breeze when they can imagine themselves using your products. When budgets and resources are tight, mannequins are an ideal alternative to live models.

Before you tackle the tedious edits, you need to merge multiple photos, enhance depth, increase volume, and add texture to make a mannequin vanish in a product photo. It’s a time-consuming process that takes away from focusing on what you really love: your business.

Let the professionals handle it

Let our team of experts take care of your most difficult ghost mannequin projects, starting at only 99¢ per image. Get your ghost mannequin edits done quickly and affordably, sometimes in as fast as 6 hours.

Make your mannequin photography stand out by using our detailed edits to turn that sweater into a perfectly fitted piece instead of looking frumpy.

Our team expertly edits each ghost mannequin project by hand, bringing your clothing and accessories to life with precision.

Check out our beautiful ghost mannequin projects

Check out our beautiful ghost mannequin projects

What is ghost mannequin services?

Apparel images that lack depth can make your items appear flat, and customers want to visualize how the clothing looks when worn. However, hiring models can be expensive, and mannequins may detract from the focus on your products in photographs.

The smart approach for fashion retailers is to simplify: they display products on a mannequin and then remove the mannequin from their photos.

Take a peek behind the curtain to see how the ghost mannequin editing process works:

Ghost mannequins that don’t have neck joints manipulated, such as pants, watches, and hats, can be edited to enhance the clothing’s natural volume and texture.

  1. To start, make sure you have two images: one of the clothing on a mannequin, and another without the mannequin to highlight the inside label.
  2. Using a clipping path, we merged the two images at the neck.
  3. When it comes to ghost mannequins without any neck joint manipulation, such as pants, watches, and hats, we can enhance the apparel by adding natural volume and texture.
  4. We combine the ghost mannequin with other services like color correction or shadow effect, to enhance the look of clothing or accessories.
  5. All set! Your apparel will give off the impression of being worn by an invisible entity.

What are the top uses for ghost mannequin services?

If you don’t have live models for all your product images, ghost mannequins are a fantastic solution for maintaining a consistent appearance in your thumbnails.

When ghost mannequin is an excellent option for your product photos:

  • Enhance your products with added life, texture, and volume, particularly for apparel and accessories.
  • If you need to reduce costs and overcome the difficulties of hiring live models
  • When you want to display the front, back, or a full 360-degree view of your product.
  • Display the interior of the clothing item, along with the brand and label found on the inside tags.

When it might be more effective to use live models instead of ghost mannequins:

  • A clothing item with one joining section
  • Basic shapes like tops, jumpers, pants, and dresses.

Depending on your brand, we suggest using both ghost mannequins and live models. Live models can add a personal touch to your products and help customers relate to them better. Ultimately, the decision is yours!

Find out more details of our image editing process.

What is the price range for ghost mannequin services?

The cost of ghost mannequin services depends on the complexity of the edits for each image. We follow standard pricing guidelines to guarantee that your rate is always clear and fair, even if you’re collaborating with a different designer.

Our pricing for ghost mannequins is divided into two categories: simple and complex. Here’s a quick overview of how we categorize each image:

1. Simple ghost mannequin – 89¢ per image

The simplest ghost mannequin projects typically involve connecting an image of clothing at a single point, such as the neckline of a t-shirt.

Perfect for:

  • A clothing item with one joining section
  • Basic shapes like sweaters, tops, pants, and dresses

2. Complex ghost mannequins – $1.79 per image

Complex ghost mannequin tasks require joining multiple parts of a clothing item, like the neckline and sleeves, or the waistband and leg holes. This is necessary for clothing that comes in multiple parts, such as a bathing suit, or for clothing with cutouts.

Perfect for:

  • Two-part swimsuits or matching underwear sets.
  • Jackets
  • Outfits with cutouts

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As an ecommerce retailer, you can save valuable time by focusing on important tasks rather than getting caught up in Photoshop.

A freelancer or agency that must manage several deliveries and adhere to strict customer deadlines

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