Drop Shadow services

Get natural shadows that show your products in their best light

Take your product photography to the next level with outsourcing drop shadow services offering great value.

Spending hours on end drawing drop shadows can really take away the joy from your work.

Spending hours on end drawing drop shadows can really take away the joy from your work.

If you want your products to sell, you need realistic-looking shadows. Shadows add depth to your photos and make your products stand out.


You can’t just settle for one shadow, especially for detailed products. But spending hours layering, masking, adjusting density, and feathering is not what you want to be doing. The default drop shadow tool is not good enough, so creating a lifelike shadow requires precision and patience. And a lot of time.

Let the professionals handle it

Outsource your challenging shadow creation tasks to Path24’s team of professionals, with pricing beginning at 25¢ per image. Enjoy fast and cost-effective editing for large volumes of images, sometimes completed in as little as 6 hours.

Shadows are a key element, but it takes expertise to perfect them. We will design the flawless shadow shape for you consistently. Our team skillfully handcrafts each shadow, including drop shadow, floating shadow, natural shadow, the hover effect, and any other shadow style you desire. Let’s enhance your products and drive sales.

Check out our beautiful Shadow creation projects

Check out our beautiful Shadow creation projects

What are drop shadow services?

Realistic shadows play a key role in enhancing product photography by adding depth to the images. In cases where the lighting is not optimal or when you’re editing the background to showcase your products, it becomes necessary to incorporate shadows afterwards.

This is where shadow creation services can be useful.

When done well, these shadows can enhance the appeal of your products to customers, even if the effect is subtle. This is especially true when showcasing your products against a white background, as shadows can make your products stand out instead of looking flat and lifeless.

Shadows are useful for making your product stand out from the background, especially when there are similar colors involved. They also help maintain a cohesive look across all your product photos.

What are clipping path services?

What types of shadow effects are you capable of creating?

Drop shadow

Improve the visual appeal of product shots by introducing a shadow effect that enhances the contrast between objects and the background, adding depth to the images.

Natural Shadow

Enhance the appearance of your product by creating a shadow effect on the background or surface, using a virtual light source that our editor will design.

Existing shadow

Keep the naturally occurring shadows that you want to maintain in your picture, even as you change or delete the background. This is also known as cast shadow.

Reflection shadow

Create a visual of your product appearing hover over a surface.

Floating shadow

Make your products stand out by making them shine. This shadow effect makes it seem like your products are on a reflective surface.

What is the pricing for drop shadow services?

Pricing for shadow services is determined by the type of shadow you request and the level of complexity involved in creating it. While each image project is distinct, we maintain standard pricing guidelines to provide you with a clear and fair rate, regardless of the designer you choose to work with.

Take a look at the summary of our shadow pricing categories:

1. Drop shadow – 25¢ per image

Creating a basic drop shadow is quite easy, and it doesn’t need much tweaking for each image, which is why we charge a flat rate for every drop shadow.

Perfect for:

  • E-commerce product photo
  • Creating a more realistic look for images by adding depth to those with removed backgrounds

2. Basic natural shadows – 69¢ per image

Crafting natural shadows can be challenging, as each shadow must be carefully designed to match the shape and setting of your product. The easiest natural shadows to produce often involve a single product casting a basic shadow.

Perfect for:

  • Images with a single object
  • Basic simple shapes
  • Jewelry
  • Shoes

3. Simple natural shadows – $1.29 per image

These images will display one or more small to medium-sized products that need multiple shadows to appear natural.

Perfect for:

  • Small groupings of basic shapes
  • Simple furniture

4. Complex natural shadows – $2.99 per image

This particular category of natural shadows is the most complex one we offer. It typically features sizable objects with various products, requiring the creation of multiple shadows to achieve the desired look.

Perfect for:

  • Groupings of products with more than 3 items
  • Complex machinery
  • Furniture sets

5. Existing shadow – 69¢ per image

Keeping the original shadows in a photo when changing the background is easy with this method. Each shadow comes with a simple flat rate.

Perfect for:

  • Keeping the existing shadows with changing the background

6. Floating shadow – 25¢ per image

Floating shadows are a breeze to make and don’t differ much from one product to the next. That’s why we’ve set a flat rate for all floating shadows.

Perfect for:

  • Adding a hover effect to product images

7. Basic reflection shadows – 69¢ per image

The simplest way to make reflection shadows is by using items that have flat bottoms. All you have to do is flip them over to get a mirror effect without needing to make many changes.

Perfect for:

  • Symmetrical objects
  • Bicycles
  • Smartphones
  • Watches

8. Simple reflection shadows – $1.29 per image

The latest reflection shadows consist of 1-2 products with non-flat or symmetrical bottoms, necessitating tweaks to create a natural mirror effect.

Perfect for:

  • Shoes
  • Furniture
  • Packaging or boxes displaying asymmetrical graphics

9. Complex reflection shadow – $2.99 per image

Our most complex reflection shadows involve multiple products or groupings, each with its specific mirror effect.

Perfect for:

  • Product images with multiple items

Why ecommerce entrepreneurs and photographers use Path24 drop shadow services

Don’t waste your talent and creative energy on tedious Photoshop tasks; focus on what brings you joy instead.

40,000+customers have trusted us with their image edits.

8 millionimages enhanced and brought to life.

We manually edits all product shadow creation projects by hand. Our task is not finished until every clothing and accessory achieves a natural aesthetic, with colors and textures meticulously selected.

How it works

Order your edits

Upload your images, give us some information about your needs, and obtain a transparent, affordable price immediately.

Our designer edits your images by hand

Our professional designers will handle all those boring image edits, allowing you to focus on the more enjoyable tasks

Receive your photos within just 6 hours.

Our professional designers will handle all those boring image edits, allowing you to focus on the more enjoyable tasks

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An ecommerce retailer who wants to use their time to move the needle instead of fiddling around in Photoshop

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